söndag 30 augusti 2009

A wonderful day

Today has been a very good day. Even though I got to bed far too late yesterday and woke up slightly hung over and stumbled my way around the apartment the first half hour.

The lecture I held at Vuxenskolan on mental training went realy well, and the girls seemed both interested AND getting the point. It is so extremely inspiring to watch people as the things you've been explaining sink in, and then the light bulb comes up. We stayed for an hour past planned time.

Then I performed at a b-day party in Lerum, just outside Gothenburg city. The sweetest, most supportive audience, and so many kind words after the show... It just felt so good. The lady who had hired me said my dancing was far beyond all of her expectations. I'm still smiling about that.

After the show it was time for tea @Gaia & Centi. Gaia had got peach melaba ice cream, that became my "after performance-food" too. Iskristall was also there. We planned the next parties coming up this fall. The most fun of course to plan is the summer and umbrella drink party coming up in October *!*. Summer dresscode. :) And then we also decided the date for our next wine and cheese evening. Yes, those evenings occur several times a year now, and have become a tradition. No, we don't just "sip" the wine and dispose it after tasting! We do it the Finnish style! All bottles empty before anyone leaves. *LOL* Then we also threw in a bbq @Dr E:s house in September. Planning fun is also very amusing.

When driving home after dropping Iskristall off I thought about today and realized it's been a day full of wonderful people. Friendly, kind, inspiring, inspired, beloved and wonderful people (and the bestest ever dog that's existed, Xa!!!). I really feel happy about this, and I realize I'm a lucky girl who's managed to surround myself with all these individuals. Ok, we're a weird bunch of people, but I really really deeply value their company. *happy kittie*


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