tisdag 1 september 2009

Love doesn't need handles

Les Mills has become one of the fitness giants in the world. And they deserve to be. Many have lost their hearts, and pounds *!*, to their fitness concepts. I am madly in love with body combat, for example.

To the right you see my favourite commercial for Les Mills through all times. It is so true. It is very common for people to make excuses like "but he/she loves me like I am", and in secret knowing it's just empty excuses. Love does NOT need handles. Not even love for oneself. Or perhaps even ESPECIALLY not love for oneself?

Another picture really pointing the truth out is this one: "Fitness is a battle"! I have worked like a little maniac to lose some weight, and get in better shape the past 6 months, hiring a PT and everything.
So, I worked, and sweat and worked again, and re-thought my eating habits. I suppose people in some way deep down KNOW that exactly that is what it takes to get in shape. But they still tell me "WOW, how fit you've 'become'.". Like I just woke up one day with a nice waist line, without making any kind of effort?

I think that's what people would like to hear. That it's some kind of magic, only granted a few chosen ones. The only magic is JUST DO IT!!! There are no short cuts, no pills, no magic diets, no other way but to eat with your mind present, and exercise. But it's so hard for them to hear, and even harder to accept, that I actually set myself to do something, and even more disturbingly DID it. And they did not... Goddamn I know this bugs quite a few people. But I keep telling what I did to achieve my results. Self deception never got people anywhere, anyway.
So, welcome to the front line with me.

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Ulrika sa...

Bloody well right!
The only way to get there is by doing the job. But it's a truth even more inconvenient to people than Al Gore's :)

Callisto Nightshade sa...

Yep. And I'm the bitch who rubs it in.

I never cease to be amazed by how far people defend their lifestyles. If one doesn't want to change, why not make a stand for that instead of pointing fingers at and hating those who actually did something?

Grivne sa...

Just read this post today... but, whats wrong with people wanting to be accepted for who they are?

commercials like the one in your post is extremly degrading to people who wants to be accepted for beeing overweight.
not everyone have the ideal that you need to be fit to be loved.

id also like to point out, and hopefully you will give it a thought, before racking down on people who dosnt want to change: love does not NEED handles. need and want is two diffarent things. i can get loved for who i am, therefor, love dosnt need handles, but they are not in the way.

id be happy to see more people think in more ways than one. us overweight people have an insight in things that you cant imagine.

not long ago, i was shopping for cloths. its actually quite funny, how a lady friend of mine can get nicer and more fashionable cloths from the childrens section of the store, then i can get at the plus size store.

it would be great, if people like yourself, would actually think about how it hurts some people when you give praise to commercials like this. "love does not need handles" and love does not need a shallow mind either.