söndag 23 augusti 2009

No more pizza

Could people PLZ remind me, whenever I start talking about having a pizza, of how I felt this evening?

I had pizza for dinner tonight. A good pizza. Well made, filling fresh and good. But the concept of pizza is NOT body friendly. My tummy looks like I was expecting, and the feeling is I'd almost rather squeeze out a child then have this weird stuffed feeling.

I think my stomach is trying to emigrate. I think I should have had my last pizza tonight. It simply isn't good for me. Now I'm trying herbal tea and relaxation to calm my little tummy... Keep your fingers crossed.

2 kommentarer:

PrincessGaia sa...

Pizza is good..when you learn to stop eating it :P
Atleast learn to stop eating to much.
I had pizza also this week...first time in 3 months if I recall right.
ate ½ and then I forced Centi to eat the rest..since Im bad at stopping aswell..good thing I have mr trashcan never gains a kg to hang with:P

Callisto Nightshade sa...

Oh no, no more...