onsdag 26 augusti 2009

Body Combat Challenge and Late Night police encounter

Yesterday, finally *!*, we got what we had begged for since early spring; THE BODY COMBAT CHALLENGE class. 80 mins of bodycombat topped with 30 mins of body pump. Marcus, Carro and Annica, WE LÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖVE U!

Let's just say I LOVED IT!!! My legs were so tired when we got to "Stamp" after ~65 minutes (after having done "Power of the Mind" earlier) that I almost couldn't get them to bend in the squats. But The Intention of our Minds is powerful... The mind can conquer matters, if you set yourself to it.

My untrained biceps tried to object during body pump, and I really deeply hate triceps push-ups. But when one's mind is set on doing something there is no way out.

After class I went to Centi and Gaia for feeding. French hot dogs and After Eight chocolate... And the mandatory cups of tea, of course. Best ever way to spend a Tuesday actually, even if it started at 3.15 and my flight home from Pori left 6am (Finnish time, 5am Swedish time).

On my way home I got pulled over by a MC cop. He looked a bit surprised himself about having done that. But he asked me for my licence, and tested me for alcohol. And he chatted about where I was going, and said that "Yeah, home is a good place to be going at this late Tuesday night...". He wished me a good evening, and I said "Same to you, whenever you get off your shift.". "At 3am.", he said and even looked a bit sad." I figured I was his "something to do" in the evening. But he was really nice. Afterwards I felt happy about having met this cop. It means that there actually is a chance that drunk drivers get pulled over and caught. For me that's a comforting thought.
Gaia was a bit jealous of this event, of course. She likes cops. ;P And their pants. Almost happy that she wasn't in the car at the time. How do you explain to a police officer, that "No, she's not trying to take your gun [that's what I'd do], she just looooooooves your pants and wants them for her boyfriend...".

2 kommentarer:

PrincessGaia sa...

all your patz belongs to me!!!!

Callisto Nightshade sa...

HAHAH!!! I bet you'd have told the probably slightly surprised copper that you wanted his pants...