onsdag 23 september 2009

Smart, smarter...

The past two days I've had the honor to be the student of a lady named Jenny. She was one of the most captivating personalities I've ever had the chance to behold in a teacher's position. When my eye-lids almost fell down from all migraine medicins I had to stuff my poor face with today, she managed to keep me awake and interested. Such energy... I wish I could borrow half of it sometimes.

Jenny is teaching at the NLP course I'm taking, and she's also vice president of Mensa Sweden. The "only" requirement for membership for this little group of people is to belong to the top 2 % of the population when scoring your IQ test. Easy peasy Japaneasy..? Maybe...

I couldn't help myself, so I did the "test-test" on their web page. I did good with that one, anyway. Sometimes I've played with the idea of going for the REAL test. Yeah, the standardized one with tons of reference data. But then I sometimes feel like I haven't done anything mind stimulating these past years, not really challenged the gray ones up there. Maybe my brain's stopped functioning like it once did? Maybe I've lost my edge? But meeting Jenny made me wonder... What if..? Could I really..? I think I must try for it one day. But I keep thinking about stories like the one of a friend's friend who couldn't find his way to the test... And he's REALLY clever!

But, that's him. I'm me. Maybe I could actually pull it off. That would be like... WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

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