måndag 7 september 2009

Intrigues and games... I'm out of here

Sometimes I fall into the trap of giving people the benefit of a doubt. I try to not judge too hard, and to give people a second chance if their offense wasn't of the graver sort. Lately I've come to doubt this way of thinking. Why? Because I've been kind, I've tried to be just and understanding, and have ended up in weird games played around me, and at me. I had a long chat with bestest and most supporting Gaia about all this, and decided I needed to cut some elemets out of my life to avoid further complications, games and drama out-bursts.

What amazes me the most is that some people obviously completely lack all kinds of sense for taking responsibility for their actions. They always present [in their own eyes] the perfect excuse. The latest one almost knocked me over; "Somebody should have stopped me, if they felt I was behaving in an inappropriate manner.". YEAH RIGHT! After passing the age of 18 one can vote in this country. It means you're entrusted with some sort of capability of mind. And that there should be some sort of filter, through which one processes impulses before they become actions.

I can't say anything, but that from now on I really shall trust my gut about people. My gut feeling will future wise override "nice" (and my approximations of nice... ref. 'Wolverine'). It really pays off to trust those whiskers and the information they bring to you about your surroundings. And always trust the non-verbal message, when presented with conflicting information. *writing it down 10 000 times*

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