söndag 20 september 2009

I declare war on sugar!

I feel I've come a long way on my path towards a healthier lifestyle. Of course one can always improve, and here comes my next challenge:

From tomorrow I will start a sugarfree life. And get rid of unnecessary fast carbs! Honey in my tea, and whatever small amounts of sugar may slip by in some foods (no, drenched in honey or syrup is NOT ok...), may be accepted, but NO:
  • sweets
  • sugar in tea/coffee/etc.
  • fruit yoghurts with sugar
  • marmelades
  • syrup bread
  • cookies, cakes, pancakes...
  • ice cream
  • white bread (rye bread is still ok, but the REAL one from Fazer, not some whey flour shit with three grains of rye...)
I'm sure this list will get longer. And that I will suffer from "sugar cold turkey" every now and then. The bestest Gaia has been instructed to punch me if I try cheating. I asked her, because I think she actually would do it.

This is my last real problem food (etc...) wise. Sugar. Some times no problems, some other times huuuuuuuge cravings. Today I declade war on sugar and I shall win!