måndag 28 september 2009

Inspiration overflow

Sometimes we're so lucky in life to meet people that really get us going. No, NOT sexually (at least not only...). I mean intellectually. Professionally. Some people have the gift of making us feel better, smarter, more energized, and just simply better about ourselves.
I feel sorry for all the bosses out there, who haven't realized the power of boosting people around them. Who think that compliments, constructive criticism and believing in somebody is for pussies, and something you can just stop or ignore doing when something else feels more important. You're wrong. Lots of potential hibernates or goes extinct because it's not acknowledged.

I already mentioned Jenny last week, this amazing Lady who gave my brains major vitamin injections. I enjoyed and clung on to every little ounce of that boost for as long as I possibly could, and just thinking of her way of being makes me feel calm and inspired in environments that don't really boost those states of mind. On her web page it says she leaves you in love with your own brains. I think that's what happened to me. (Think I'll have to stay single for another while...)

One of Jenny's brain boosting books, can be purchased from her web page Audiva.se

On Friday last week my brain got another cool ride. Maybe not as reviving as jenny's classes as such, I was so freakin' tired after that day, but nonetheless extremely inspiring. This time the cred goes to Martin. He works as "head coach" (meaning he trains HEADS, not bodies, except his own), and has helped athletes, businessmen, golfers, race drivers, and other kind of people. That guy could TALK! No, COMMUNICATE. With all senses, to all senses. I've never seen anything or anyone like him, and I realized that this is about as smart as they come, and as skillful one can get within this area of NLP. Henrik, our head teacher, really did a great job putting this education together, and choosing co-teachers. Those three are marvellous. Best damn thing I ever did, signing up for this!

Yesterday this wonderful week caught up with me. I was more tired than I could remember being in ages. My head just simply would not co-operate. But it doesn't matter. It's awake, it's alive. I feel awake and alive. Like I just want to jump and scream so I could put all the energy somewhere. I can't even begin to imagine what life could be if I could feel like this at least half of it. I think I know where I have to go to get that. In short time I will. And the best of it all; I still have 13 days of this education, to get lifted, inspired and boosted to the maximum.

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