onsdag 16 september 2009

Me lub my PT!!!

Today was my ninth time with my PT Fredrika at the gym. And we concluded, that she's helped me to get real far! When I started seeing her, I just asked for help with food and weight loss. This was January the 9th. On the 29th she already had me booked at the gym, though I was very sceptical. I had just dislocated both shoulder joints during a body pump *!!!* class (lifting off the weights after squats), and was more then cautious and quite unwilling to risk hurting myself even more.

We started out with ~2kg for shoulders and 4kg for pec training, because I was terrified about the possibility to damage myself even more. Lats pull down ~20kg (pain and cramps as result the first times...), seated row the same amount. For some reason I was also terribly reluctant to do leg training. I think I found that boring. At this time I weighed about 69-70kgs and my waist measured 76cm.

The effects of the past 8 months:

I have lost a total of 5kgs, and 5cm around my waist, and 5-6% of my body fat

I do squats with 70kg, and static lunges with 80kg in the Smith

Lat pull downs now 35-40kgs

Shoulder presses with 8kgs (AND NO PAIN!!!), and my winging scapulas have settled against my rib cage again

My cardio status is the same as when I was 19 and trained 2-3hrs a day and competed in taekwondo

I actually SEE the line between lats and obliiques from behind (didn't even know there WAS such a line to gain) instead av what I used to refer to as my "chips waist"

I fit into all my beloved skirts I thought I'd have to say goodbye to...

So, Fredrika, this darling girl, has managed to inspire me to lead a life that finally got me here. I can only thank her thousands of times, and of course pay for her time. ;) She's worth every crown I spent on her. *!!!* And the best of it all, her advice have always been "human", i.e. not "extreme diets-no fat-just power bars" but "Eat good, real and healthy foods!!!". It totally made everything easier.

A bunch of other people are to thank too for making this possible, and most of all pleasant. My extremely inspiring and most beloved friends Centi and Gaia have been good to have around, both for motivation and inspiration during these months. And all the wonderful instructors as Sportlife!!! You make me wanna come and train every day. Markus, Caroline, Martina, Annica, Pernilla, Anna and Richard, the NEW star (star indeed, I laughed MAO), who brought us this:

We had cool down at Richard's Body Combat class to this, with the weirdest Maori dance, haka, that gave us red elbows and thies... Now my favourite classes are Anna's box on Tuesdays (But PLLLLLLLZZZZZZ make it 75 mins, I second Gaia in that), and Richard's Body Combat for weirdos on Saturdays ;P.

I also have to mention the nicest receptionists in town, Julia and Josefin, and the others I can't remember the names of. You all make my training such a pleasure, and make me keep up with the good work.


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