fredag 20 november 2009

Saanko Luvan-party

Tonight I had one of the most satisfying performance nights in a long, long time. I had been invited to perform at the organization's Saanko Luvan ("Can I have this dance") 10th "b-day party". My audience was Finnish people, who all love to dance, and I'm so happy they seem to really have enjoyed my "not so very mainstream" (I did a mix, REALLY hard core fusion, of cabaret, tribal and dark fusion) performance. I was also invited to stay for the party, and was glad to meet people who knew me from before, people whose kids I've been to school with, and other interesting dance loving people. And I also got to dance with them!!! Waltz and foxtrot... OMG it's been YEARS and YEARS. Not to speak of "humppa"! I think only us Finns do that dance, and it must have been more than 15 years since last time. I loved it. I need to do this again, soon. It's rare to find this kind of pure love for dancing, that I saw in the people tonight. Thank you for letting me dance for you, and with you!

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