onsdag 18 november 2009

RPM rocked my world

After one week of doing as little as possible due to severe back pains I was going completely mad. So when my collegue T finally helped me out with a solution, my back has improved immensly. ANd today I finally got to go to the gym!!! I booked an RPM class instead of box or body combat, figuring that it would be less stressful on my back, but make me sweat. YES and YES!!!

Sweat I did. A lot. Lisa really put me to work. And I loved it. Next time I'll bring a towel... After the class I took half an hour of enjoying weight lifting. Of course, what I can and cannot do is somewhat limited still, but I got to do my 5okgs in bench press and did some heavy lat pull downs. My shoulders got what they deserved too. And now... LIFE FEELS SO GOOD!!! My back feels almost allright, and I feel calm and relaxed after the exercise. I never, ever, want to be without training a whole week again. It's not good for me. It's actually not good for anyone.

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