onsdag 18 november 2009

Lesbians are better parents, and Malin Wollin rules!

Interesting article in one of our Swedish papers, Aftonbladet. It referrs to a study where the researchers have concluded that children, who grew up in lesbian homes, made a better life than other children. Not sure about "career" and "choosing status trades" are the best measurements for "good life", but I'm glad there is someone doing research and writing good stuff about gay parenting.

The not so entertaining part is all the commenting on the article. People explaining how "lesbians" are, and so on. *sigh* Some people should go outside and study reality more instead of just thinking and judging. Most of the comments, though, were of the "good" and kind sort. Surprisingly enough...

One of the paper's own writers, Malin Wollin, wrote a column on the subject, and said she wanted to try lesbian relationship-shoes, so she could see about gender roles when there are two of the same kind. Of course there are relationships between femme and butch dykes, but I have to say I never experienced a need to cover the "male" and "female" part in a lesbian relationship. Two of the "female" is my cup of tea. I giggled a little about Malin's ignorance on the subject. But I'm so happy she dares to write about it. She dares to say "I haven't got a clue but I'd like to understand.". She's truly openminded and curious, not only because she has to be. She asks all the right, and wrong, questions, and reveals her lack of understanding, but she's trying. I wish there were more heterosexuals on the same quest. Malin, you rule.