torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Work is no more, but freedom tastes so darn good!!!

Today I was supposed to speak to my boss about what I could do part time while I had a part time job left at the company. This conversation took another turn, since her news to me was, that I from today's date have 3 more months of employement, then I'm out.
I'm out of here! Photo: Pia Nyström

That may sound like the worst thing ever happening, especially considering the times at hand, and so on. But I felt nothing but relief. Excitement, relief, and energy rushing through my veins. Now I HAVE TO get going. And I do want to. Now I have nothing more to use as excuse for not going after my dreams. And I'm even short on time, which for me usually is the most productive mode.

I have three months to start to make a living on my own. And I feel like I'm finally standing with my both feet on the ground. And I know where I'm heading! No more hesitation (or I obviously will have to starve...)!

Wish me luck!

2 kommentarer:

PrincessGaia sa...

Were here to support you adn I also beliave this is in a longterm better for you not only on an intellectual lvl but to get the real challange of life to find what you REALLY want to be doing.
Work should be something inspiring or atleast a bit fun..why else do we spend 9h/day doing it?
Its the longest 9h of your life...everyday if you dont enjoy what you do.
Good luck sweety in your chase for hapiness..about time ;)

Callisto Nightshade sa...

Gaia, you sweet and inspiring being! Thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me.

Yes, it was about time!!!